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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a miminum order?
    The only minimums for us apply to our Gluten Free options. Gluten Free orders have a 1 dozen minimum. For our standard cupcakes, you can order as few as just one.
  • How much time do you need to prepare an order?
    In order to preserve our sanity and family balance, we need at least one week's notice for any order. We've tried squeezing quick orders in and it just doesn't work!
  • I'd like to place an order.  How do I do that?
    Yay! We're excited that you want some MooCakes! Click on the "Order" button at the top of this page. You will choose whether you want to order boxed cupcakes or cupcakes in bouquet form. You will be taken to an online order inquiry form to fill out with all of the information needed for your order. After we receive your order inquiry, we will contact you with availability and pricing information and finalize your order details. Once details are finalized and we receive your payment, your order will be booked on our calendar!
  • Why haven't you answered my message?
    We do our best to respond to all order inquiries within 24 hours. BUT, we take Sundays off to spend time with family. So, if you message late on Saturday or on Sunday, you won't hear from us until Monday. If you sent us a message and it has been several days, it's possible that we just missed it. We get messages on several platforms (we're working on solving this problem) and sometimes they just slip past. Please don't hesitate to message again and remind us that you're waiting for an answer!
  • Do you have a storefront?
    No, we're a home bakery, so we bake to order and don't have a storefront. Our Instagram feed is our virtual storefront. Almost everything we do is available for viewing there.
  • Do you need a deposit?
    Yes. Orders must be paid in full to be officially booked into our calendar.
  • How do I pay you?
    Venmo is our preferred form of payment (@moocakes) We can accommodate other forms of payment, as well. If you need alternate payment arrangments, please include that information in your initial order email.
  • Do you deliver?
    No. Our cupcakes are available for pick up only.
  • Where do I Pick Up?
    We are located in Southlake, Tx. We will set up a porch pickup time that works for you when we finalize your order. We will also share the pickup location with you at that time.
  • Can you ship cupcakes to me?
    Sorry 🙁 We're not set up for shipping cupcakes at this time.
  • Do you have tips for transporting my cupcakes?
    Yes! Your cupcakes will need some care when you transport them. Here are some tips: 1) During warmer months, please arrive in a fully air-conditioned vehicle and, in the winter, be sure to set your heat not to blow on the boxed cupcakes. 2) Keep decorated cupcakes out of direct sunlight. 3) Ideally, the cupcakes should be placed in the floorboard of the passenger side or in another place in your vehicle that is perfectly flat and in which they won't slide around. Setting cupcake boxes in your seats can be a recipe for disaster between the tilt of most car seats and the chance that the cupcakes could fall if you have to brake suddenly.
  • How should I store my cupcakes?
    The absolute MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do is keep them tightly closed in their box. Avoid placing cupcakes in the refrigerator because they can become dry. If you are eating the cupcakes within a day or two, then a cool spot on your counter is fine. (Don't put them near the stove or your cooktop.) If you won't eat them for a little while, they can be stored in the freezer. Just keep them closed tight!
  • The cupcakes I want aren't listed on your menu.  Do you do custom flavors/designs?
    For now, we find that our quality is best served by sticking with our tried and true recipes and designs, so we do not offer custom flavors or designs.
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